Hello Nurse

Sep 02
Aug 25
Aug 25

I just got both a PS4 and an Xbox One…yet I’m playing this obsessively.

Aug 25

Smile and Madotsuki having a rap battle…

Aug 25
Aug 24

A 21 year old can totally fuck a 9 year old (or however old Ib is. I definitely know she is under 18) as long as they are in love. <3

The worst part about this is that people actually gave thumbs up to the pro adult/child chick.

Aug 19
Jul 30

The Last of Us: Remastered: a Scam?

Yeah, I just rented The Last of Us: Remastered and I don’t see much of a fucking difference. I think the original looks just great, as is. Despite the Last of Us being one of my favorite games, the remastered version isn’t worth your money. Don’t buy it. It only has slightly better textures. A game that looks great graphically doesn’t make it a good game. Isn’t that right, David Cage? Good thing I rented it.

Jul 28

My Berfday

Today is my birthday!!!!!!

I got an Xbox One AND an PlayStation 4!


Jul 06
Lucky bastard&#8230;.

Lucky bastard….